W32.Sality.AE [W32.Sality varian] W32.Sality.AE virus mainly spreads though removable medias like the USB flash drives and external Hard Drive.
According to Threats and Risks, here a little summary: 

Risk Level 1: Very Low
Also Known As: TROJ_AGENT.XOO [Trend], W32/Sality.ae [McAfee], Sality.AG [Panda Software], Win32/Sality.Z [Computer Associates], Win32/Sality.AA [Computer Associates], W32/Sality.AA [F-Secure]
Type: Virus
Infection Length: 57,344 bytes
Systems Affected: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000

W32.Sality.AE is a virus that spreads by infecting executable files and attempts to download potentially malicious files from the Internet.

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Some people may recommended you to their antivirus, I guess this mostly they have to. They claimed their antivirus is the best one. But I don’t feel quite right, why?

All because any antivirus software is good to used, whether it is free or paid. But the better is you need keep it up to date [the virus definitions] ’cause there is nothing without that. As I’ve seen most times, when I go to some client of mine, they didn’t keep the virus definitions up to date and then their PC or Notebook is weak againts new virus infection.

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STEP 1: Start the computer in Safe mode

You can use Windows Advanced Options menu to start the computer in Safe mode. Restart the computer, and as soon as the computer starts, begin to tap the F8 key until the boot menu appears. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select Safe mode, and then press Enter. If prompted, log on as administrator. If you are unable to start the computer in Safe mode using F8 key, go to line 1.

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Welcome to my Blog.

This is my first post and my first time to write some in a blog. But I’m really need learn more and more… till I’ve some fluent. My English not good, just enough.

So, later maybe I’ll used two language, instead one (english). Indonesia will come along on this blog, too.

G’day everyone,


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